XSS Hotels


An expert team delivering expert service

XSS Hotels’ team includes high-quality in-house procurement services.  Our team of experts deliver contract pricing by sourcing and purchasing directly from the industry's most qualified manufacturers.

The purchasing team works closely with interior design to ensure every project is a success. XSS Procurement handles new construction, renovation, and capital expenditure purchases for our hotels.

Expertise Includes:


Our team purchases over $15 million worth of FF&E per year. This generation volume requires huge attention to detail and efficient systemization in order to ensure accuracy of product, price and delivery schedule.

Product Sourcing

Highly customized interiors often call for custom products. Our purchasing team has a large base of manufacturers and vendors to source and price the hard to find items that can make or break a design. 


There is a fine balance between accepting products too early, necessitating excess warehousing, and too late, causing construction and opening delays. Our purchasing team works closely with manufacturers, distributors and freight companies to monitor every order and ensure our products arrive at just the right time.

Warehousing & Installation

Our warehousing and installation team handles every FF&E item purchased in order to have them processed, transported to the projects on-time and professionally installed. With concurrent installations at multiple projects, our team self performs both deliveries and installations as well as manages third party contractors for the larger tasks.